quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

Genetic Algorithms with gaoptim package

Two days ago i just submitted my first R package: gaoptim. For my surprise, the next day it was already living on CRAN.

In this post i want to show you how to use gaoptim to perform a simple function maximization. This same task could be accomplished with the function optim() from the stats package, but this should serve as a simple introduction to Genetic Algorithms, which are particularly good when you have a huge search space.

The R code below defines a 'wild' function, with global maximum at about -15.81515. Then we setup a GAReal object and call the evolve() function, passing the number of generations to evolve as argument. Finally, we plot the results.

Some planned features for the next package version are:

  • feature selection
  • binary encoding
Enjoy it!

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